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Owning a HWS PLUS® franchise today opens the door with unlimited growth potential as our customer base ages and wants services performed for them. This business opportunity will grow significantly due to Baby Boomers retiring, dual income families being too busy, business people not having time, single women households, the elderly, physically handicapped, and wealthy people wanting to be pampered.

Home Watching and Home Maintenance has been around for many years with neighbors or friends taking care of the property in the absence of the owner. Neighbors and friends are great but are not qualified to inspect the home properly or often enough to prevent and control most home damage. Homes are a major asset and taking care of them is important.

The home watching industry is relatively new. When more and more people started dividing their time between their second home and primary residence, they quickly found a need for someone to safeguard their property while they were away. Often this was a friend or a neighbor, but in many cases the lawn maintenance companies or property management companies became involved. It was soon discovered that many people, especially the Baby Boomers, wanted more services other than having their homes simply checked. This growing need gave birth to the "Home Watch" industry.

The home watch industry is fragmented with individual ownerships providing all types of services. Some people have skills in a service or other functions of business that is not relevant to home services and the total emphasis of watching client assets are lost. Many of them do not have complete programs or understand how to sell or market their services. Our program offers a "Turnkey Process" for all aspects of the business allowing for greater success. It is by far less expensive to join Home Watch Service PLUS® than it is to create and maintain your own business. And, by letting HWS PLUS® be your business designer, you have more time for performing services, going after new customers and making more money.

Property Preservation is an optional franchise program with great potential. There are over 2 million foreclosed properties on the market today and another 1.7 million ready to be foreclosed on in the near future. Our property preservation program provides a great income opportunity that will jump-start most franchises for quick profits.

Our HWS Plus® franchises prepare properties for sale that have undergone foreclosure. Our team organizes and completes The Cleanup, The Fix-up, and The Continued Maintenance for the resale of each property. Our Home Watch Service Plus® franchise locations are dedicated for providing services in a fast-acting and efficient way. Our service options available through property preservations and home watching increases the opportunity for our clients to resale their non-performing properties in a quick and organized way.

Have people skills?
Are you business minded?
Tired of working for the other guy?
Need a job beyond normal retirement age?
Can't find a job that pays like your past positions?

Build Your Home Watch Service Plus® Business Around a Huge Flexible Menu of Services! Our interior and exterior home watch service has a set group of items to check for consistency in each franchise. We also offer a huge listing of additional services you can choose for your franchise based on your skills and knowledge or geographical location. Some franchises, for example, have snow removal while others do pool maintenance. Click Here to Read Our Services.

Our Training Program Will Assist With Every Step of Running Your Franchise We will train you in all aspects of the business including, business set-up, due-diligence, strategic planning, accounting, computer software, marketing, sales procedures, services offered and much more. Your business is our business and training is important.

Consider these key benefits for owning a Home Watch Service PLUS franchise: Home Watch Services – High growth for next 26 years and beyond due primarily to baby boomers. Property Preservations – High growth due to foreclosed properties. Demand for Services – Our services will become higher and higher in demand as more and more people desire certain tasks done for them or because they just can't do it. Repetitive Sales Model – As you give services to clients they will request more. Industry Leadership – Leadership in this industry is non-existent and ready for our strategic plan. Turnkey Program – Your time and effort is toward selling, not reinventing the program. The program is designed for you. Comprehensive Package – 12 month start-up and ongoing support package. Quick Learning Curve – Learn parts of the business you are not familiar with quickly. Operations/Training Manual – Over 260 pages of information related to running every step of your business. Property Preservations Manual – Over 200 pages of information to give you the competitive edge. Forms and Images Manual – Over 120 pages of templates and forms for operating your business. Ongoing Support – Webinars, conference calls, blogs, group forums, newsletters, updates, etc. Home Based – Generally a home based business allows more family time. Easily Managed – Designed to give you more selling time and less time in the office. Website Marketing – A site, SEO & SEM marketing, optimization, service listings, blogs, social listings, provided. Traditional Marketing – Flyers, post cards, brochures, ads and other forms of marketing, provided. National Commonality – Commonality in services, marketing and pricing nationally – multiple resident users will love us. Low Franchise Cost – Designed to keep costs low – one of the lowest in the home service industry. High Industry Standards – Positioned with standards for ethics, integrity and professionalism. Professional Image – Licensed, Insured, Bonded

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